Peer-to-Peer Activities

DMF offers various peer-to-peer learning programs to serve as an impetus for successful reform implementation.  These include the Debt Manager Practitioners’ Program (DMPP), the DMF Stakeholders' Forum, and the Debt Manager’s Network, which provide opportunities for countries to share learnings and experiences with peers and hear how other countries have tackled similar challenges, use lessons learned, and apply them in their own country context.

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DMF Stakeholders’ Forum
The annual DMF Stakeholder’s Forum brings together senior debt managers, economic policymakers, academics, members from international organizations, market participants and independent consultants to discuss strategies and policies to manage debt, assets, risk, and funding as well as to share experiences and network.
Debt Manager's Practitioners' Program (DMPP)
The Debt Manager Practitioners’ Program enables government officials from debt management offices in eligible countries to be seconded to the World Bank for three-month assignments. The program offers a unique opportunity to strengthen skills through exposure to various activities from the DMF’s work program and to other DMF-eligible countries.
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I participated in the World Bank's DMPP, sharing expertise in Liberia’s public debt management and receiving mentorship. This deepened my understanding of debt management strategy and bond market operations. I also attended a training course on government guarantee management at the Joint Vienna Institute. Upon returning to Liberia, I applied the knowledge gained from the DMPP to provide technical support for Liberia’s 2024-2026 MTDS and the 2024 Annual Borrowing Plan. 
Allison K. Telee is the Head of the Middle Office in the Debt Management Unit (DMU),
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in Liberia
Debt Managers’ Network
The Debt Managers’ Network is a community of government debt management practitioners aimed at sharing experiences, exchanging information, and helping to foster peer learning through virtual meetings for information sharing and discussions. The program has offered varied webinars over the years on topical debt management issues to share knowledge and build lasting capacity.
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Debt Managers Workshops
Targeted, two-day workshops bringing together debt managers from a select group of countries to focus on one specific topical debt management issue and share their experiences. Under World Bank facilitation, the country representatives discuss their current challenges and methodologies about the topic and produce a knowledge sharing document to summarize the learnings.
Innovative Programs
The DMF leads innovation to expand outreach beyond Ministries of Finance and Central Banks to include key stakeholders with a role in debt management: parliamentarians and auditors. As parliaments play formal roles in approving and overseeing management of public debt, the Parliamentarians Outreach pilot program allows to directly support debt management capacity building for Parliamentarians through workshops and peer-to-peer events.