Changing the game in public debt management

Debt financing can help countries achieve sustained and inclusive growth. When managed poorly, however, it can generate substantial risk to the budget—potentially undermining key development objectives.
Since 2008, the DMF has been a game-changer in strengthening the debt-management capabilities of the poorest countries. Today, 86 countries benefit from the DMF, which provides cutting-edge technical advice and training for local-debt management officials. Debt management capacity in these countries has significantly increased - especially in areas such as governance, strategy development, and borrowing and related financing activities
The DMF has also played a pivotal role in debt-management reforms: more than 70 percent of the reforms adopted by DMF countries regarding the development of debt-management strategies grew out of the work of the DMF, according to country debt managers.
Debt Management Facility: A 10-Year Retrospective” takes stock of this progress. It also identifies key lessons learned that can be useful for providers of technical assistance regarding debt management.