Governance Structure


A Steering Committee (SC): provides overall strategic guidance for the DMF, sets policies, endorses the annual Operational Strategy, and reviews DMF performance. The SC is jointly chaired by the World Bank and the IMF. The committee is composed of the co-chairs and one representative of each of the donors that meet the funding eligibility requirements.

The Secretariat: headed by a Program Manager, is responsible for: (i) coordinating the activities with the donors, the IMF, and the Implementing Partners, including mission planning; (ii) providing administrative support to the Steering Committee; (iii) submitting the annual Operational Strategy and all DMF-related reports; and (iv) managing the DMF website. It is  located in the Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment Global Practice of the World Bank..

A Panel of Experts: provides advice to the Steering Committee on program relevance and quality. The panel meets several times during the year, and their observations on several materials, such as the draft DMF Annual Reports and the draft annual Operational Strategy, are systematically requested by the Secretariat.

The Implementing Partners Council (IPC): provides a coordinating mechanism among the Secretariat, the Bank, IMF, IPs and other debt management TA providers to share progress made towards the DMF III’s work program. It is chaired by the Secretariat and discusses lessons learned from technical-assistance and training engagements in DMF-eligible countries and the pipeline of country engagements. It focuses on sharing results and sound practices. The IPC was introduced under DMF III and supercedes the Implementation Coordination Group.